Pico Laser Treatment – A Beginner’s Guide

February 20, 2023

Having skin blemishes, particularly on your face, can hinder your self esteem. Luckily, there are various treatments available to address such issues, and Pico Laser is one of them. In this article, we will provide you with more information about Pico Laser treatment and what it can do for you.


What is Pico Laser Treatment?

Pico Laser is a skin treatment that utilizes the latest laser technology to address different skin problems. This treatment is not only suitable for the face but also for any part of your body. It is safe for all skin types, including dry and oily skin, and is categorized as a non-invasive skin treatment, which means it uses a non-surgical method.


How Does Pico Laser Work?

Pico Laser works effectively on various skin problems, including skin blemishes, stains, removing unwanted tattoos, birthmarks, freckles, and pigmentation issues like melasma. Unlike other laser treatments, Pico Laser does not expose your skin to high temperatures. Instead, it uses a controllable laser strength that applies moderate pressure to the treated area.

The energy from Pico Laser targets your skin cells, particularly new ones, and the pressure from the treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and Elastin. Collagen acts as a catalyst to form a new skin layer, replacing your damaged skin cells. Elastin, on the other hand, is a protein that gives your skin flexibility, making it look younger and healthier.


The Steps of Pico Laser Treatment

For first-time users of Pico Laser treatment, there is no need to worry because the treatment is pain free and none invasive. The first step involves cleaning your skin thoroughly from any dirt and makeup to allow the laser wave to penetrate the skin layer.

The dermatologist will then apply the laser to your skin, which typically takes 15 to 20 minutes per session. Several sessions are required to achieve the best results in removing any blemishes or marks on your skin.

The most common after effect of the treatment is redness on the treated skin, you may also experience inflammation and light swelling in some cases. However, these effects will disappear naturally within 24 hours. After the treatment, you can continue your normal activities, with the exception of physically demanding exercises and excessive sun exposure for the first 48 hours.


When Can You See Results?

The results will be noticeable immediately after the first session, but this is just a minor change in your skin compared to its previous condition. You will see significant results after one or two weeks as your skin replaces dead cells with new and healthier ones.

To achieve the best results, at least 2-5 treatment sessions are required.


What Should You Do After the Treatment?

After completing all treatment sessions, there are several things you need to do, such as avoiding direct sun exposure and physically strenuous activities, such as sports or exercise for the first 48 hours, to minimize the risk of infection. Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits can also aid in skin regeneration.


Final Words

If you have any skin problems or blemishes that you want to remove, Pico Laser is an effective treatment option. To achieve the best results, consider getting treatment from a reputable clinic like Rejuvenique Aesthetics Clinic, one of the best beauty clinics in Bali. Try it now and discover the best solution for your skin problem