6 Things You Should Prepare Before Botox Treatment

January 9, 2022

6 Things You Should Prepare Before Botox Treatment — Botox is a popular treatment many people use to improve their appearance. Mainly for reducing wrinkles and making your skin look smooth and younger. Those who have experience in this beauty treatment, know what they have to do before taking the treatment. However, if you try this for the first time, knowledge about Botox treatment preparation is essential.

Preparing everything properly will help you to get the best result from the treatment. You also can get many benefits from it, from saving more money to a peaceful mind when taking the treatment. What kind of preparation should you do before taking the Botox treatment? Here, we have already listed several things you should know and prepare before taking this treatment.

Learn More about Botox

It is necessary to learn more about Botox before you use it, especially for the first timer. This knowledge helps you understand what kind of treatment you will receive. Also, it helps you to know what kind of substance will enter your body, which might affect your current condition.

The information also helps you to ask a potential question to the surgeon or specialist that will provide the treatment. You can find out more about what they will do to your skin. Plus, it also helps you understand the risk of this treatment. It will become the first thing you should consider before taking Botox treatment.

Get a Consultation

Consultation with the aesthetic doctor where you will get the treatment is also important. It can prevent any problems that could happen during and after Botox treatment. So, during the consultation session, tell them everything about your health condition, such as illness or allergies that you have. This information will help the doctor to determine whether or not you can receive the Botox treatment.

The consultation also helps the doctor to decide whether or not you are compatible with the treatment. Once you get the approval, you can receive the treatment that you need. During this consultation session, you also can ask to see the previous patients’ results via before-and-after photos.

Avoid Blood Thinners Substance

Some medications have a substance that has a blood-thinning property. It includes muscle relaxants medicine or anything like that, which is dangerous to take before Botox treatment. Aspirin is also one of the medicines that you need to avoid here. Therefore, stop taking these medicines at least one or two weeks before the treatment start.

However, if you take daily medicine, you should let your doctor know. They will find the solution for you. The blood-thinning medicine causes the bruise to appear after the Botox treatment. Therefore, the result would not be what you want if you keep taking this medicine.

Clean the Area Where You Will Get Botox Injection

Another necessary Botox treatment preparation is preparing the skin area that will receive the treatment. Most of us choose the face area for this treatment. Therefore, you should clean your face before receiving the treatment.

Clean your skin and face from excess oil, dirt, moisturizers, and makeup. Use mild cleanser and water to clean your skin to get the best result. After that, use a soft towel to dry your skin. The doctor that give you the treatment also clean up the skin area before injecting Botox.

Icing the Treatment Area

Icing the treatment area also helps reduce the bruising that might appear after the Botox treatment. Wrap some ice in a towel and apply it to the treatment area for at least 20 minutes. Your doctor might also recommend this treatment before the Botox injection. Some clinics even provide ice packs you can use for icing treatment before they start the Botox treatment.


This thing could be the most important thing you should do before receiving the Botox treatment. It is normal for you to feel nervous before the treatment, especially if it is your first time. However, that nervousness only makes you panic during the treatment, which could cause some problems.

There is a thing you should know about Botox injection treatment. It is a very safe treatment. It can be considered a minimally invasive surgery. Therefore, whenever you feel nervous, you also should tell the doctor. The doctor will help you to relax. Most of them have a way to make their patient feel at ease during the treatment.

Final Words

Those are several things you should know and prepare before having a Botox treatment. Another thing you also should do is visit Rejuvenique Aesthetics Clinic. This clinic has the best service, aesthetic doctor, and treatment you need. Lastly, you also should set realistic expectations. Do not expect to get the same result as other patients. Every patient has a different constitution. So, aim for a natural result that looks good with your appearance.

6 Things You Should Prepare Before BotoxTreatment — Botox is a popular treatment many people use to improve their appearance.