Mole and skin tag removal

Mole removal

Mole removal and skin tag removal using Electrocauter.

Mole removal

Electrocauter is a type of therapy that uses electricity current at a certain voltage to improve skin imperfections or aberrations.

Acrochordon (skin tag): skin growth, can be peduncular

Actinic Keratoses: an early form of skin malignancy

Adenoma sebaceum: enlargement of oil glands

Angioma capillary: benign tumor of capillary blood vessel

Condylomaacuminata (Veneral Warts): genitalia virus infection

Seborrhoickeratoses: skin wart, epidermis abnormal growth

Syringoma: benign tumor on sweat glands and others

Anesthetic cream is applied. After 45 minutes, cauterization is performed using a Hyfrecater. A wound will form over the treated area which will recover within one week.

Topical antibiotic will be applied to the cauterized area for five to seven days.

It is advised that the usage of irritating skin care products be ceased until the wound heals completely.

Keep the cauterized area dry at all times.

Do not pull or peel any dry skin that may result during the healing period.

When healed (one week), usage of care products may be resumed.

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