BB Glow Skin is a treatment in which pigment foundation is inserted into the skin just like doing eyebrow or lip tattoo. BB Glow Skin Treatment is a promising treatment for getting radiant skin throughout the year. Almost like you woke up with radiant and flawless skin. BB Glow Skin care is a safe and intensive skin care that can help reduce the appearance of freckles and wrinkles. It also helps disguise skin discoloration due to acne and aging or age.

Treatment begins by restoring skin color and radiant skin – a great way to get instant and gradual enlightenment effects. Because it reduces the melanin content in the skin, there are also fewer skin tone changes.

Treatment BB Glow Skin performed approximately 1.5 hours. Before doing BB Glow Skin treatment, the face will be given the cream immune first. The liquid used for this treatment is an ampoule containing Phisiothera Functional Skincare color pigments.

After the cream is given immune, the next process is to enter the ampoule with dermaroller and then use a premium hydrating mask to increase the effect of glowing and nutrients on the face. Although the treatment is a kind of dermaroller, but you will not feel pain or have to experience cooling down phase. So, it is very safe for sensitive skin as well.

After entering the ampoule foundation skin to the entire face for 20 minutes, the ampoule skin will remain on the surface of the skin. In order to maximize the results, the final step is to use a hydration mask to push back the ampoule’s nutrients while making the face more luminous

The promised benefits of this treatment are facial skin that looks brighter, evenly and glowing like the skin of Korean women. For the effect can be directly seen and do not use the process of peeling skin or red first. So, if you really want to get a bright and glowing skin instantly, it’s a treatment you can try.

In addition to enlightening and create a glowing face, this treatment is also able to reduce the black spot on the face due to exposure to sunlight. Well, for the results alone, if only one treatment will only last for two weeks, but if done beberapakali results can be permanent.

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