Pico Laser Treatment: 4 Benefits

February 10, 2023
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Pico Laser treatment is one of the latest and most effective skin treatments available today. It is a non-intrusive type of treatment, which means you don’t have to endure any pain during the treatment. Moreover, Pico Laser is not a surgery because it does not injure or hurt your skin. In this article, we will discuss four benefits of Pico Laser treatment.


1. Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal with a laser is a standard method. One of the laser technologies used for this treatment is the Q-Switched Laser. While the results of this method are quite satisfying, Pico Laser takes tattoo removal to the next level. The standard Q-Switched Laser method exposes your skin to a high-temperature wave, which burns the layer where the tattoo ink was injected. Then, it allows the skin to heal naturally.

Whilst Pico Laser treatment still uses a high amount of energy, the PicoSecond technology allows it to control how much energy is applied to the skin layer. It gently breaks the tattoo ink in the skin layer into tiny particles, making it much easier to remove the tattoo ink. Moreover, Pico Laser reduces the risk of skin damage caused by the thermal wave from the laser. When combined with the natural healing ability of your skin, the result is much greater.


2. Acne Scars Treatment

Acne scars can be frustrating as they appear unanticipatedly. Many acne treatment products are expensive and ineffective. Pico Laser treatment can help break the dark spots caused by acne, and after several sessions of treatment, you will notice that the scars begin to fade. Pico Laser also makes your skin texture smoother.

Pico Laser stimulates the production of Elastin protein and collagen, which helps your skin to regenerate and create a smoother appearance. Collagen is a substance that enables your skin to build new skin cells and layers. Elastin is a protein that makes your skin elastic. Therefore, your skin will look smoother, healthier, and younger after the Pico Laser treatment.


3. Skin Rejuvenation

Pico Laser treatment can also help to rejuvenate your skin. It works wonders to lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around your eyes. The production of Elastin protein and collagen helps your skin to regenerate and improve appearance.


4. Reducing Melasma

Melasma is a condition that causes spots or stains on your skin, mostly on your face. The stains are commonly darker than your natural skin tone. Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of Melasma. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, hormone treatments, or birth control pills can also cause Melasma.

Pico Laser treatment is an ideal treatment for Melasma. It provides a treatment that doesn’t cause skin damage, and the doctor can target the affected area without affecting the surrounding healthy skin. This treatment will be able to solve even severe cases of Melasma.


Pico Laser Treatment Conclusion

These are some of the many benefits of Pico Laser treatment. If you have skin problems such as unwanted tattoos, acne scars, or Melasma, this treatment can be the solution for you. Visit us at Rejuvenique Aesthetics Clinic, for the best treatment and results.