Eyebrow embroidery is the process of applying ink to the outer layer of skin in the form of eyebrow hair fibers with the shape that has been adjusted before the process using a special machine (embroidery machine). The inks are herbal based (from USA and German), lasting up to 2 years.

Advantages after embroidery eyebrow:

  • You do not need to draw eyebrows every day before makeup
  • Save your time dressing up
  • Eyebrows are neat with the shape to your liking even when you just wake up, because the results are * very natural.
  • No need to fear eyebrow shape changed / erased during the activity, such as swimming, heavy activity, etc.
  • And More confident

Embroidered lips is a medical activity that aims to make the lips become red-colored, remove dark colors, and can make the shape full and dense. Of course all women want that. So, you no longer need to wear lipstick and your face will not look pale

The trick is through local anesthesia first to reduce the pain. Then, the doctor uses a tool with a small needle in it, lips embroidered with ink. Next is the scavenging. This work is usually done repeatedly for good results. You can choose a natural-based color pigment from plants to make it more secure. This technique can take up to 3 hours.

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